How to Love Your Wife More Than Ever Before

How to Love Your Wife More Than Ever Before

Love is hard to define, but we can speak of a relationship between two people who are both, of course, physical, but also emotional and intuitive, too. It can include other aspects, such as cultural and spiritual complement. To simplify things, here are helpful techniques on how to love your wife again, and even more than ever before it takes creativity and some effort on both parts.

Find out how to make your wife feel special and steal her heart forever. Be sure to read to the end, so you won’t miss out on some valuable tips and insights into what women love in a relationship.

Marriage Means Monogamy, Not Monotony

get marriedAfter couples get married, most of them settle into the same old routine in which one of the parties ends up feeling undervalued. In simple words, the husband sometimes just loves his wife in an ordinary way. Understanding how to love your wife in a way to make her feel loved, appreciated and respected requires undivided commitment and devotion.

A husband who wants to love his wife again must find time for her and take advantage of every opportunity to see her, even if he can only have five minutes. He should enjoy sharing long conversations with his wife. He will also send texts to let her know he’s thinking of her, and spend quality time with her. Unfortunately, as time lapses, boredom chips in, and marriage boards the express train to boredom and monotony.

A husband’s actions might reveal their devotion, but sometimes, they are not enough. Actions are most meaningful if they are associated with the notion of pure romance in marriage. Just by showing your actions and devotion to your wife doesn’t mean that you know how to love your wife better.

Happy, romantic and fruitful marriages exist, but there is a catch to making these intense relationships work. Before being in a committed relationship where you share love and mutual respect, you must first love yourself. This is because when you have a strong love for yourself, loving your wife comes to you more naturally and effortlessly.

Being married is a challenge every day, and most husbands try hard to improve themselves by doing what they think they should do. That is why communication is so important in a relationship. Husbands who listen to their wives and make an effort to please them are the ones who have longer lasting marriages.

How to Love Your Wife: Some Simple Strategies to Use Every Day

It is not difficult to make your wife happy and show her how much you love her unconditionally.

  • Ask her how her day was: You have both worked hard. You are both tired, and you’ve probably both want to share things. But first, ask her how her day was. This shows you that you give importance to what she does and what she thinks. This proves, if necessary again, you give her importance. I recommend it even if you have big news to announce.
  • Your woman works hardThank her sincerely every day for the work she does. Your woman works hard and probably receives little, too little recognition for her work, salary or public recognition. It’s high time to make her realize that you appreciate the real value of her work and you enjoy it. Although each person has their own love language, the mere thought you think about her will probably suffice.

You can make her understand how much you love and appreciate her in many ways, every day. Tell her, let her hear your words of love, give her a gift, in short, do something. A woman loves a man who expresses himself eloquently.

  • Always Show your appreciation for what she does for you, even if it is not perfect. This is your beloved wife, be it an employee or servant. If she does something for you, such as cleaning the house, cooking a nice dinner, or even just dressing nicely, you must show her that you are happy with her. Although she might make mistakes sometimes, remember to thank her, although deep within you, you know she may have not always hit your expectations.

Cooking delicious meals and being submissive are the best ways of showing how to love your husband heartily; however, the dinner might not be as delicious as usual, husbands, eat it and thank her nonetheless. Do not criticize her, especially when she is trying so hard to please you. Use beautiful words for the weaknesses of your woman and offer constructive suggestions for improvement.

  • Do things together. Spend time with your wife. If she doesn’t want to join you, remind her, if she happens to be spiritual, that the gospel explains that how to love your husband according to the bible is submitting to the lord (Ephesians 5:22-24). Talk to her and find out what she wants to do or where she wants to go, and make a day of it. Spending quality time together will strengthen your marital bond significantly.
  • Compliment her regularly without needing a special occasion or to get something you want from her. Your wife’s presence should enchant and excite you most of the time. Therefore, if she is indeed your wife, she should be beautiful and wonderful to you. When you see in her the qualities you admire, let her know.

If your wife is especially sensitive, be careful to balance criticism and praise. She will thus see what she has to improve, but do not lie saying that she is perfect as she is. Women can tell when a man is buttering them up, so be genuine in your word of praise.

Gently designate what needs to be improved, help her in a positive way to become better. There will be days when you will not be as happy with her, but be tolerant and patient, especially if you see her trying hard to improve herself.

  • spend enough time with your childrenMake sure you spend enough time with your children at night. When you pitch in and help with the kids, everybody wins. You spend some fun time with your children, your children can have fun with you and you get to listen to them recount their day. It is also a way to for men to love your wives, and it also creates a strong relationship with your children, too.

Your wife will love to see you build a good relationship with the children. On the other hand, if you were with the children all day, don’t just go to bed. Taking more time with them before they go to sleep builds a strong bond of attraction with your wife. The majority of men might not be aware the magic behind it, but it’s a unique way of showing the romantic side of you in style.

  • Declare your love for her openly and passionately. Clear communication will show your woman how you both like her as your dearest friend, and how you love her as your lifelong companion. Talking about your experiences is the best way to share yourself. You might say, “My heart skips a bit when you storm in the room,” or, “It makes me smile to think about you all day long dear.” Be sure to express your affection for her, as women love that.

To be sincere, guys, how to love your wives entails praising the talents and successes of your spouse. Even if she has not identified her talents or gifts, it is crucial to note the ways in which your partner is unique and different. If your woman likes to be intellectual, praise her intelligence; if she sees herself as a fashion icon, praise her style, too. Learn to look for her good qualities instead of her shortcomings.

In short, how to love your wife when she hates you largely depends on your level of maturity, how much you want your marriage to work, and how well you express your feelings openly for her. Do not be embarrassed to speak of the emotions you feel. Share your emotions with her as you go through the day. Sharing even inconsequential things that happen to you during the day will make your wife feel more intimately involved in your life. This might appear trivial, but it’s a powerful strategy to taking your love to the next level.

  • Always tell your woman the truth. Telling the truth to your wife is a loving thing because it shows both trust and respect. What people must know is that the truth does not have to be positive to be meaningful. Nonetheless, how to love your wife unconditionally depends heavily on personal view towards love and about unconditional acceptance.

This will help you both to develop and evolve you into a better person and strengthen your marriage relationship, not to build a relationship based on a fantasy or a lie. If your woman asks you a question, always be honest with her.

in a bad moodIf you are in a bad mood or feeling angry at the time, do not raise your tone or take it out on her. Be sure to always weigh your words and do not generalize by using words like “always” and ”constantly.” Although the truth can be a bitter pill to swallow, be honest with your wife and explain yourself with kindness. Do not embrace the cultural notion that loving someone means you never need to try to make a change.

Be sure to listen and try to understand whatever your wife tells you. Women love to be trusted and know they are being listened to and understood by their spouses. In most cases when a husband fails to listen his wife, she feels insecure, and this can pile up gradually and ruin your marriage. Strive to encourage her, to find ways to improve yourself and improve your relationship.

  • Remember what love is all about and why you fell in love with her in the first place. It is apparent that love is a powerful force of nature; however, for ladies, how to love your husband means being sincere, appreciative and open to him.

It is unfair to demand or command your husband according to your whims. Remember, love is powerful and bigger than you are. Love is much more than those feelings of warmth, it is an intelligent expression of commitment and respect. Despite the fact that love is experienced differently by each of us, it often requires you to strive each day to meet the needs of your significant other.

Think about the last time your beautiful wife made you smile. What is that she has done to make you feel like the luckiest man in the world? Be creative and conjure up anything you can do that might make her feel the same way. Are you in a position to transform your schedule to help your wife doing something she has not done in a while or ever before, even?

Little things you do, like changing her car’s oil, ironing her skirts before a big day at the office, cleaning the clogged house gutters, trimming the trees or mowing the lawn, will show her you love her and will make it so you can enjoy the evening together.

  • Try new experiences and marriage sex. To keep things fresh and fun, try new sexual activities, toys and positions that are entirely new to your relationship and your partner. It does not take a miracle to prove to your wife that you love her. This is the best way to experience the fun and especially for fighting against a boring bedroom routine. It is also romantic to idealize on how your marriage relationship will continue to grow to be unique.

make love to your wife in the kitchenThis include being adventurous in your lovemaking. If you are used to making love to your wife in bed, it’s high time you learned how to make love to your wife in the kitchen, on the couch, on a table, or even in your backyard to break the monotony. Wait for the right moment to ask your wife what her sexual fantasies and preference are – and then act on them. This is the best marriage monotony fighter you can try, after all.

  • Be more active in your marriage. Women have considerable doubts about the sincerity of men and their ability to invest in a relationship. Right or wrong, this is not the issue. You’ll have to prove your love by doing little things every day. By showing your consideration and respect, she will open her eyes to the importance of the marriage to you. Finally, being active in your marriage, will help you show her that she is above the rest, and that she is the only one that counts.
  • Send love letters to your wife or text message without any real reason. Text messaging things like, “What’s up with this rotten weather?” or ‘” just watched a YouTube video of cats, and it was way too funny. Take a look,” may seem lame, but they let your spouse know you are thinking about her and that you want to make her a part of your day.

This is one of the cleverest ways for a husband to confirm to his wife that he loves her more than anything else. This powerful strategy reminds your woman that you always think of her, and it may be evidence to her of you devoted, loving affection.

  • Leverage the passionate power of flowers. Most men don’t think of grabbing their wives flowers unless it is their anniversary or some other special day. But, when you bring her flowers for no particular reason, except the fact that you love and cherish her, she will truly appreciate that. The next time you buy flowers, let your imagination take the lead.

The Rose Game

Here is a great way to show your woman how much you love her:

  • Purchase a dozen roses and as many vases as you can.
  • Put a single rose in each vase and randomly hide them throughout the house: in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, closet and finally, the bedroom.
  • Cut out a pink paper heart on which you write what you like about her, something like, “I am grateful for life rewarding me with such a beautiful wife. Plan for a romantic evening. Sexy dress required.”
  • Glue your note on your bedroom door. Then, get out of the house and let her enjoy discovering all this alone.
  • Return and take her out for a romantic dinner, or order out or make your own candlelight dinner for the two of you.
  • You will not only stimulate the feeling of love and romance, but your wife will feel choosing you as her husband was the best decision she ever made in life.

a beautiful poemRoses are red, and violets are blue. Do you think you can create a poetic masterpiece? Wait, before you guffaw, know that your poetic creativity does not need to compare with Emerson to be able to create a beautiful poem. Do you remember the adage that connotes, “beauty is in eyes of the beholder.” This thing that you consider the worst poem in the world could bring your woman to her knees.

Poems are songs; therefore, you should have a song in your heart. If you’re a fairly good singer, you may probably want to sing it to her, and that’s okay. Go in search of these instant recording studios found in malls and save her favorite song. Bring friends with you, give the song a romantic name like Love Connection and sing the song.

The other possibility is to buy an old album containing songs that you enjoy when you first met, and put it on before taking her for dinner, or finish the evening by twirling her around the room to your favorite music.

The all-inclusive dinners for your woman. When you were dating, it was great walking down the aisle together, holding hands in public and dining in beautiful places. Why did you two allow this fun and romance to fade? This might be the reason for your ordinary and loveless marriage.

If you want your wife to have a fantastic night out, but you feel overwhelmed by organizing every detail, think of all-inclusive dinners offered by many hotels and restaurants. You pay all at once for an evening you’ll both enjoy including dinner, wine, dessert, and two tickets to the theater or a sports game. You know what she loves, so it should be an easy way to provide you with a well-organized and unforgettable evening together.

Surely, if you do these things, she will learn how much you love her and will return the favor. Your marriage will be stronger, happier and far more fulfilling for you both.

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