Penis Enlargement Surgery: 5 Ways Something So Good Can Go So Wrong

inside the bedroomMost women will say quantity over quality when it comes to matters inside the bedroom. This includes the size of a man’s penis. According to a study conducted by researchers from University of California in Los Angeles, 84 percent of women were “very satisfied” with their partner’s penis size. On the other hand, 14 percent of the respondents wished their partner’s penis was bigger, while the remaining two percent preferred a smaller penis.

This only shows that penis size does not matter, at least for women. Still, most men are highly concerned about the size of their man down there. Because of this, there is a demand for penis enhancement products. In fact, male enhancement has become a multi-million dollar industry. Let’s find out more about enhancement for men, especially the pros and cons of penis enlargement surgery.

The Average Penis Size and the Demand for Something Bigger

unhappyA study from King’s College in London revealed that the average penis size is not as big as you think. After examining 15,000 men, researchers found out that in a flaccid state, the average penis length was 3.6 inches with a circumference of 3.7 inches. When erect, the average penis size is 5.2 inches in length and 4.6 inches circumference.

Here’s the surprising part: five in every 100 men have longer penises, about 6.3 inches.

Despite these numbers, there are still men who are unhappy with their size. Based on Observer’s British Sex Survey, one in five men are not satisfied with the size of their member or 21 percent of the more than one thousand men surveyed. This is the reason why male enhancement is among the hottest selling products in the market, backed by a $26 billion nutraceutical industry.

Some of the most common male enhancement products include:

Enhancement Pills* Enhancement Pills

* Patches

* Penis Extender

* Penis Pumps

* Penile Weights

Aside from these products, penis enlargement surgery is among the most sought after solutions in the world of male enhancement. There are three types of procedures for penile enhancement surgery:

* Increased Length – In this procedure, the doctor makes horizontal incision in the pubic area and cut the suspensory ligament. This allows the inner penis to move forward, thereby adding a few centimeters to your penis.

* Increased Girth – This procedure uses either fat cells from a donor site or human allograft skin. The surgeon will either inject the fat in the penis area, or wrap the matrix of the dermis from the allograft skin around the penis shaft for added girth.

* Glanular Enhancement – This is the penis surgery for the glans to maintain penile symmetry. The surgeon injects hyaluronic acid gel through the penis glans. They often do this together with penile enhancement surgery.

Some of the benefits of going through this type of surgery are:

surgery* Increased length or girth in your penis.

* A boost in your confidence and self-esteem.

* An improved sense of well-being.

* A renewed sense of masculinity.

* Results that are immediately noticeable.

* A quick and permanent solution for male enhancement.

Despite the promising results of adding a few inches to your man down south, penile enhancement surgery comes with risks and side effects, too. Before you pay thousands of dollars for surgery, here are 5 things you need to consider first.

Things to Consider Before Undergoing Penis Enlargement Surgery

1. Penis Enhancement Surgery is Not Exempt From Side Effects

Apparently, most medical procedures come with side effects – and penile enhancement surgery is not exempted. Some of the possible side effects include:

* Adverse Reaction to Anesthesia

* Chest Pains

* Infections, Especially for Patients With Diabetes or Spinal Cord Injuries

* Intense Pain

Bleeding* Bleeding

* Injury to the Artery or Vein in the Penile Area

* Pneumonia

* Irregular or Racing Heartbeat

* No Difference in the Size or Girth in Your Penis

* Formation of Scars in the Incision Site

* Swelling Of The Penis

* Erectile Dysfunction

* Reduction in Penile Sensation

* Blood Clots

You might experience one or two side effects, or even none at all. This is why it is important to choose a reputable surgeon for penis enhancement. Your doctor should have board certification and perform penis enhancement procedures regularly.

2. Reasons Surgery is a Long-Term Investment With Temporary Results

Fact: penis enlargement surgery is expensive. Since you want to secure your future inside the bedroom, you may still decide to go for it. After all, it is a good investment.

Not for everyone.

Penis enlargement surgery is the fastest, most effective way to make your man down there the star of the show. However, there are instances when the surgery won’t work. This means you won’t see any difference in your size and it could even lead to a worse looking appearance.

Here are unwanted problems associated with penis lengthening surgery:

penis lengthening surgery* A lack of blood flow to your skin, which sloughs the skin and leads to ulcerations.

* Your penis may hang from the scrotum, rather than the abdomen; hence giving you a lopsided appearance or scrotalization.

On the other hand, penis-widening surgery could lead to the:

* Appearance of irregular and fatty lumps on the penis because of nodule formation.

* The reabsorption of up to 30 percent of fat injected back into your body.

* Dermal fat grafts that are spongy and less natural.

Given these circumstances, there is a possibility that you won’t notice any difference in your size and girth. At the same time, the results vary from person to person, and there is a possibility that the surgery won’t be successful.

Keep in mind that penis enlargement surgery could take a toll on your bank account. Some men swear by this procedure, while there are others who have had a bad experience. This is why it is important to weigh your options and ask for recommendations from your doctor before going through anything.

3. Reasons Your Recovery Period Depends on the Procedure

exercisesPenis enhancement surgery doesn’t stop with the procedure. After the surgery, you need to take medications and antibiotics to ease the pain and prevent infection. You will also have to stay away from strenuous exercises and sexual activities for four to six weeks to allow for complete healing.

Every person is different when it comes to healing. Consequently, the recovery time for male enhancement surgery also depends on the procedure your doctor uses. For fat transfer where fat from other portions in your body is transferred to your penis, healing time is around one day. For ligament release, where the doctor releases suspensory ligaments for extra length, it will take one week or more.

Post-operative care is crucial to allow you to get back to your normal routine. Here’s how you can speed up the healing process:

* Give your body some time to heal by resting and recuperating for a few weeks after the procedure.

swimming * Massage your penis every day to prevent formation of lumps or becoming lopsided. Make sure to use lotion or oil to facilitate a gentle massage.

* Keep the area clean at all times.

* Stay away from sports, swimming and other physical activities for at least one month following your surgery.

* Visit your doctor for post-surgery checkups to monitor the progress of your healing process.

* Refrain from sexual activities for at least six weeks.

Following these tips could help speed up the healing process and help you get back to your normal routine quicker. Don’t rush your recovery. If you notice any side effects, make sure to contact your doctor immediately to minimize complications.

4. A Lack of Industry Standards: Ensuring the Safety of Male Enhancement Surgery

Sometime in 1970’s, the surgery to increase penile length and girth were tried in boys with microphallus and bladder exstrophy. Since then, the media has considered penile enhancement surgery as a means to address penis issues. Over the past decades, male enhancement surgery has become increasingly common, mostly as a cosmetic procedure. From 1991 to 1998, nearly 10,000 American men went through this kind of procedure.

researchDespite the popularity and increasing demand for bigger penis, there is lack of standardization on this controversial procedure. Penile enhancement surgeons simply follow the guidelines, depending on the procedure they will perform. However, surgeons can come up with their own techniques on how to go about the male enhancement procedure.

At the same time, there is no reliable data available to determine the criteria for success and complication rates of these procedures. There are reports, accounts and testimonials from men who claim they went through this procedure; however, there is insufficient data as to the safety and effectiveness of this male enlargement technique.

Studies and research is necessary to determine whether or not penis enlargement surgery is a viable option for men. Some of the factors researchers need to look into are:

* Whether penis enlargement is possible.

* The type of penis enhancement surgery that is most successful.

depression* How the penile surgery affects one’s sexuality and function inside the bedroom.

* The effects of surgery in one’s anxiety and depression levels.

Therefore, there is a need to:

* Perform randomized trials.

* Establish an acceptable standard method in measuring penile length.

* Develop validated instruments to assess perception of penis size.

Until there is acceptable data and studies available to prove the claims and benefits of penis enhancement surgery, it is best to evaluate your options first before going through this type of procedure.

5. Everything Comes With a Price Including Penile Enhancement

Almost everything comes with a hefty price to pay these days. This includes penis enhancement surgery.

If you are planning to increase your size down there, then it will cost you from $3,500 to $10,000. Aside from the surgery costs, you will also have to consider other factors in computing the total expenses:

* Cost of medicine or antibiotics after the procedure.

* insurance policyTransportation expenses when going to and from the doctor’s clinic.

* Laboratory tests, if applicable.

* Post-surgery checkups.

Your insurance company may cover the expenses incurred during the procedure. This will depend on the coverage of your insurance policy and if the procedure is medically necessary, such as a treatment for prostate cancer. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the expenses straight from your pocket.

Ways to Enhance Your Penis the Safe, Natural Way

Given the risks associated with penis enlargement surgery, you might be wondering if there is a way to make your penis grow. The answer is yes. There are alternative and less-invasive methods than surgery, which helps increase your man down south.

Here are several good places to start:

* Penis Exercises – This is a natural method to add a few centimeters in your manhood. Examples of penis workouts are Kegel exercises, jelqing and penile stretching. While these exercises could help, keep in mind that just like regular workouts, penis exercises require time, commitment and dedication.

* Penis Enhancement Pills – This type of enhancement product is the most popular in the modern marketplace. One to two tablets daily, combined with penis exercises could not only add size to your member, but it could also help you inside the bedroom by improving blood flow.

* Penis Enlargement Equipment – This includes penis extenders, hangers, weights and penis pumps. This enlargement equipment uses the principle of stretching and extending to help increase your size down south.

quit smoking* Psychological Help – This will give you reassurance that your size is normal and does not need any medical intervention. Psychologists could also help you determine the root cause for penile issues and come up with techniques to help you get over your issues inside the bedroom.

* Lifestyle Changes – Did you know that lifestyle factors could affect your penis size? Therefore, quit smoking, exercise regularly, add more fruits and veggies into your diet, lose your excess belly fat, and stay away from a high-calorie diet. These simple changes in your routine that could boost your overall health and keep your man down there happy.

You can always choose not to opt for male enlargement techniques. Instead of worrying about your size down there, try focusing on improving your sexual technique to spice up your sex life. Keep in mind that the majority of women are not into how big you are down there. They would rather have a skilled partner in bed than have a man with a large member who is not talented.

Important Takeaways for You

There may be insufficient data to prove the safety and effective of male enhancement products and treatments. Therefore, treat penile surgery as your last resort.

Penis enlargement surgery is your instant and immediate fix to address size issues, but take note of the five risks associated with it. Before you shell out thousands of dollars for this risky procedure, weigh your options carefully, and examine the pros and cons for each option. At the same time, work on being the best lover in bed, instead of worrying about your size down there.


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